Protect. Preserve. Educate. Recover.

Argus Cultural Property Consultants

Our mission is to protect, preserve, and recover vulnerable and at-risk art and cultural heritage, and to provide education and training for its protection and preservation. We are a full-service firm dedicated to safeguarding the world’s cultural treasures.

Our Services

Staffed and led by some of the most trusted and experienced names in the cultural heritage arena, our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to meet your needs, whatever the challenge. We offer a full suite of services from investigations and legal support to collections management, security, and a whole lot more.

Why us?

Our deep bench of talent means we are unmatched in experience
and capabilities in the art and cultural heritage protection sector.

Our Executive Team

Headshot photo of Tim Carpenter

Timothy S. Carpenter

Managing Director

Former head of the world-renowned FBI Art Crime Team, Tim has led some of the most important recoveries of cultural property in FBI history.

Headshot photo of Geoff Kelly

Geoffrey Kelly


As one of the original members of the FBI’s Art Crime Team, Geoff has vast experience managing high-profile cultural property investigations. 

Headshot photo of Catherine Foster

Catherine P. Foster


Catherine has led projects with the United States and foreign governments, museums, international orgs, and NGOs to protect cultural heritage.

Headshot photo of Bil Barkley

William Barkley


William has a proven track record of leading and managing diverse teams across the globe in security, investigations, logistics, tactical operations and training.

Headshot of Anthony Amore

Anthony Amore

Senior Advisor

Widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on art crime and security, Anthony has helped recover over 70 paintings and ethnographic art.